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We aspire to be a vibrant, relevant, dynamic, missional Church

We look to the future with excitement and hope as the Body of Christ in the Auckland Diocese. Our region is graced with over 100 churches offering a diverse range of worship styles from contemporary to traditional and everything else in between. We offer new and exciting avenues to explore faith outside the physical church, so you can connect with God in different ways that suit you. Go ahead and explore this site to find out what's happening in your Anglican community.... there is so much to discover!

Coronavirus update

Each Sunday evening at 7pm Bishop Ross Bay will be leading Night Prayer, which will be livestreamed to his Facebook page. You can find him on Facebook at Bishop Ross Bay.
You can find the liturgy for the service here.
New Zealand Government advice is being updated every day and we will follow the recommendations from the Ministry of Health as soon as we hear about them.

As of Wednesday 25 March, New Zealand is at alert Level 4 – nationwide lockdown. Schools, universities, public venues and all non-essential businesses are closed for four weeks. Travel is severely limited. Everyone is instructed to stay at home.
For the diocese this means:
  • All services of public worship are suspended.
  • No gatherings of any size can take place, including funerals.
  • Everyone should stay at home, including clergy.
  • Continue to practise good hygiene – wash hands frequently, cover coughs and sneezes.
  • Travel to essential services, such as the supermarket and doctor is still OK.
  • Maintain physical distancing when around other people (2 metres).
Please follow these instructions and check here for regular updates and FAQs.

While taking sensible precautions to keep our communities safe and healthy, we must also resist creating panic and stress. We encourage you to keep trusting in Christ and loving one another. With the restrictions placed on us, we need to find creative ways to connect with others, especially those who are isolated or particularly vulnerable to sickness.

Let’s also think about who needs extra pastoral support at this time, whether through a friendly phone call, prayer, or help with errands, or delivery of shopping and supplies.

Bishop Ross Bay

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