Diocesan Health and Safety

H&S Working Group

The Diocesan Health and Safety Working Group (HSWG) has been set up to promote a culture of safety and wellbeing across the Diocese. It is developing and implementing a Diocesan Health and Safety Management System, which will include tools and guidelines for our Ministry Units to use and follow.

To contact the HSWG or if you have any H&S questions or concerns email keepsafe@auckanglican.org.nz.

HSWG Members
Sonia Maugham - Diocese of Auckland (HSWG Chairperson)
The Rev'd' Clare Barrie - St Luke's Mt Albert
Colin Chipperfield - St Philips' St Heliers
Lee Hanna - Bream Bay LSMU
The Rev'd Canon Arthur Hokianga - Te Tai Tokerau
Rani Marsden - Te Tai Tokerau
Ian Pallas - St Matthew's-in-the-City
Ex-Officio: Bridget Morrison - Diocese of Auckland

H&S Updates

Incident Reporting

Incident reporting is a significant part of H&S management. If an incident or accident happens at your Ministry Unit, no matter to whom and regardless of whether it is “work-related” or not, it needs to be reported. This means the following steps in the diagram below should be taken.

Worksafe has a great online tool to work out if an incident is notifiable or not. You can find it on their website worksafe.govt.nz > Notify Worksafe. Or you can always call them on 0800 030 040.

Incidents need to be reported so that the HSWG, Diocesan Council and General Trust Board can be told about what’s happening in the Diocese and can meet their H&S obligations. It also gives us greater clarity of the risks our Ministry Units are facing and the actions being taken to eliminate or minimise them.
Incident Reporting Form

H&S News

Hazardous Substances
19 September 2018
There are new regulations around hazardous substances that govern the storage and quantities of substances at work.The main change to the regulation is that the employer has a duty to provide information, instruction and training on any substances used in the workplace. Whilst it’s unlikely that your Ministry Unit would have any hazardous substances in quantities that would fit under the regulations, if your Ministry Unit does have anything that falls outside of normal household cleaners or quantities then please email keepsafe@auckanglican.org.nz as we may need to look at this. The best rule of thumb is to not store anything on site, especially bleach (as it can create chlorine gas when mixed with other substances).

Diocesan Risk Guides

The Diocesan Health and Safety Working Group is developing resources to support Ministry Units with management of their own H&S. The first of these resources are the Risk Guides. Checklists should be completed every six months.

Electricity Guide
Fire Guide