Social Justice

The role of the Diocesan Social Justice Group is to research and communicate justice issues.

We do this by seeking to nurture justice spirituality and imagination, and engage in advocacy in all areas of life, overcoming poverty and transforming violence. We encourage people to think and live “justly”; to understand, debate and act on local, national and global issues.  Although we are Anglican, our vision is not so much about being Anglican. It’s about living justly. Justice is about how you live your life, and being just where we are. Working together, we can all flourish.  Social Justice seeks to encourage the ability of all people to realize their God given potential in the communities that they live in.

Care of Creation

Care of Creation
The Care of Creation Committee is a group who volunteered to continue the work of a priest who was going to a post in England some years ago. Her role had been to keep the Diocese informed on the matter and we have reported over the years on the work within the Diocese and such groups as ACEN, the Anglican Church Environmental Network.





Diocesan Climate Change Action Group : Cherished Earth Papa-tū-ā-nuku – he taonga, he tapu is a climate justice initiative of the Anglican Diocese of Auckland. It is the practical outworking of a commitment by the Anglican Bishops of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia in 2006 when they recognised that global climate change was, “a real and present danger to the future of this planet and the survival of the species“. They affirmed the church’s support for policy measures to address, contain and limit the extent and impact of climate change. Shortly afterwards, in 2007, a group of lay Anglican members formed the Diocesan Climate Change Action Group (DCCAG) to help the diocese’s churches and members move towards carbon neutrality by living more sustainably. 

Social Justice Group Contact Information

Committee Chair: The Rev Peter Bargh